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Jelena Ćakić

When she was a little girl, Jelena was growing up surrounded by smell of paint and sprays, that her mother - painter used every day, daydreaming that someday she will follow her mother’s footsteps. Through the years, her path led her to applied arts and the discovery of the jewelry design world has sealed her professional vocation. After attending many workshops, in 2010 she started her own small workshop, where today she still makes unique and fantasy inspired pieces. Even though mastering work with various jewelry making materials, silver became her weapon of choice, to which she usually gives an worn off look, a little bit antique, but with great amount of detail, which is rooted in epic fantasy, sci-fi or the nature itself when making an organic design piece. All of her interests, passions, knowledge and skills are intertwined in those little unique pieces. She often uses carefully selected and completely natural semi-precious and precious gemstones, most of them hand cut and crafted as a true gemology work of art. The other materials that she uses are gold, which is used for additional decoration, steel, brass and copper with porcelain, ceramics and other interesting materials that she can get her hands on. All pieces are hand made with special care and long hours invested using the various metalsmith techniques such as soldering, carving, engraving, gold leaf, Keum-Boo all of which give special signature in terms of appearance and worth of each individual piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry, either as a part of a mass-production or if it is one of a kind piece, has derived from an idea and vision and first it made its way to paper in a form of a sketch and a drawing.






You can download new jewelry catalogue by Jelena Ćakić for 2017. when you click on image below.

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Jelena Cakic’s jewelry is handmade with care and lots of time invested and I know you want to keep your jewelry looking great, so here are some tips to help you with that: Going swimming? Don’t take your jewelry with you. Chemicals in swimming pools and thermal hot pools will accelerate tarnishing and leave your jewels looking dull. Storing your jewelry properly is important too. The bottom of your handbag is not the ideal place. To avoid damage, store your jewelry separate from each other to minimize scratching and tangling. All of my pieces come in their own beautiful packaging so you can keep them safe in that.


Over time silver can tarnish; we recommend using a soft silver polishing cloth or a non-abrasive silver polish to keep it looking great.


All of our gold plated jewelry is 925 sterling silver plated with 22 or 24 carat gold. In order to prolong the life of your jewelry, please avoid perfumes and cosmetics, showering and cleaning products. Also avoid wearing gold plated items in bed; bedsheets rubbing against them can wear down the surface.


Gemstones require special care. Avoid impact against hard surfaces and contact with perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals. Leave your jewelry in a safe place when you’re at the beach, at the pool or going to gym, also when you’re taking shower or a bath and going to bed. However, don’t wait only for special occasions to shine, enjoy wearing it and make it your own.